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News > Ambassador Jahangiri: It is highly urgent that all State Parties fulfil their historical responsibility

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Ambassador Jahangiri: It is highly urgent that all State Parties fulfil their historical responsibility

16 April 2018
The Hague
In the Name of God
Mr. Chairperson,
Mr. Director-General,
Distinguished Delegates,
April 14th, 2018 was a sad day for the Organization for the Prohibition of
Chemical Weapons (OPCW) since some States Parties to the Chemical Weapons
Convention attacked another Member State on the pretext of the use of chemical
weapons, which has not yet been verified by this august Organization. The
Islamic Republic of Iran categorically condemns the missile strikes against the
Syrian Arab Republic.
It is highly urgent that all State Parties fulfil their historical responsibility vis-àvis
such international chaos-provoking behavior and strongly condemn this
arbitrary and unilateral move against the territorial integrity and national
sovereignty of an independent State, which is a member of the United Nations
and this Organization. Such military action will definitely undermine further the
pillars of peace and security in the world, bring about more instability and unrest
across the globe and promote extremism and terrorism and hence more use of
chemical weapons by terrorists in Syria.
Such a barbaric act amounts to a flagrant breach of international law and the UN
Charter. It is quite odd that some countries such as Canada and Australia who
allegedly show loyalty to peace, supports the unlawful use of force instead of
inviting others to the table of political negotiations as suggested by some EU
members and others. The aggression against Syria without any substantiated
evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons and by utilizing unverified and
fabricated open sources in favor of terrorist groups is an act of crime and those
who were engaged in this crime should be held accountable and brought to justice.
Surprisingly, the perpetrators of such an illegal attack played the role of FFM and
in less than hours from thousands of miles away, found that chemical weapons
have been used in the Syria Arab republic and who has used it. We are of the view
that this approach has seriously jeopardized the credibility of the OPCW as the
only competent authority to verify the use of chemical weapons.
Mr. Chairperson,
The OPCW is at stake now and some delegations take hostage of this technical
forum for their political intents. The Technical Secretariat is under constant
pressure of these States. Calling for this extraordinary meeting without having a
document or a report from the FFM or convening a briefing session in advance
and diverting the Organization to rely on information from open sources and offsite
samplings are clear examples of this political pressure.
Disappointedly, these States Parties, including some EU member States, Canada
and Australia, deliberately or inadvertently, remain silent against heinous
chemical attack by terrorist groups, in particular AL-Nusra Front and so-called
ISIS and Jaysh al-Islam, in Um-Hush and all other regions in Syria, while
questioning Syrian worthwhile actions to dismantle its chemical weapons
program and ignoring its significant progress in a very short period of time and
despite facing dire situation and neglecting Syrian prominent cooperation with
the Technical Secretariat under the Convention.
Despite all these unfortunate facts which have exacerbated the situation for the
existing mechanisms of the OPCW, we do still acknowledge the important role
of the Director-General and the Technical Secretariat, in particular Fact-Finding
Mission in Syria, in establishing the truth regarding the alleged use of chemical
weapons in Douma on April 7th, 2018.
Mr. Chairperson,
The Islamic Republic of Iran is of the view that the findings of the FFM should
rely on verifiable and independent sources and refrain from ambiguity and
vagueness. In this due, the Inspection Team, itself, must visit the site of the
incident and its report must devise a satisfactory way of unraveling any
predicament in the investigation. Otherwise, all material evidences find its way
to the FFM via “third parties” which manifests a lack of compliance with the
basic chain-of-custody principle for safeguarding evidence.
In closing, Mr. Chairperson, may I request that this statement to be circulated as
an official document of the Fifty-Eighth Meeting of the Executive Council and
be posted on both the external and public website.
Thank You.

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